AY International Law Practice & Advisory Office

A modern Istanbul based law office specialized in Turkish law, mainly providing advisory services to non Turkish clients. Situated in the historical heart of Istanbul-Beyoglu, our office services International activities for both Turkish and non Turkish clients investing both inside and outside of the Turkish Republic. A young well experienced team, of bilingual lawyers practicing in Real Estate Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Family Law and Litigation. Each senior department head, has acquired real world experience, usually coming from a commercial background, enabling them to offer expedient solutions. Due to our exceptional success, and our extensive experience in our areas of practice, we lead in creating legal solution customized to each of the unique needs of our clients based throughout the world. Any law firm can, and in Turkey often does claim to provide legal services But here at AY legal we insist on a higher level of service that sets our practice apart. AY International Law Practice & Advisory Office, prides itself on being unique and dynamic in their way of working.