Turkey has an official directorate in charge of interpreting Islamic law, popularly known as the Diyanet. It has a website where people ask questions about various aspects of Islamic law. The website recently stirred up controversy by issuing a fatwa, or religious ruling, which asserted that fathers having lustful feelings toward their own daughters are not necessarily violating religious law, […]

Turkey has started implementing visa restrictions for Syrians entering the country by air or by sea as part of its efforts to stem the flow of migrants into Europe. As Ankara has reversed a six-year agreement that allows visa-free entry to citizens of both Syria and Turkey, Syrians arriving in Turkey by air and sea […]

Middle East Studies scholars are concerned about a new Turkish law that grants the Higher Education Council (YOK, by its Turkish acronym) authority to close private universities if their administrators “execute or support activities against the state’s indivisible integrity.” In a letter to Turkey’s prime minister, the Middle East Studies Association’s Committee on Academic Freedom […]

Young hacker gets 135 years in jail, on top of his previous sentence of 199 years 7 months and 10 days Onur Kopçak, a 26-year-old man, was sentenced this past Sunday, January, 10, to 135 years in prison, adding to a previous sentence of 199 years, bringing his total up to 334 years. Kopçak was […]

A parliamentary commission has approved the Maritime Labour Convention, which addresses some of the difficulties encountered by Turkish seafarers in international ports. The parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission on Wednesday approved the Maritime Labour Convention, which was adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2006 and establishes minimum working and living standards for crewmembers of […]

Daily life of Turkish public will see both minor and fundamental changes this year as new laws and regulations changing everything from IDs to marriage procedures are set to be implemented by the end of 2016. For drivers and learner drivers, the year starts with a major change in driver licenses. All drivers will be […]

Participating in a state electronic notification system will be compulsory for some taxpayers starting on Jan. 1, 2016. The deadline to register with the system is Dec. 31, 2015. No, it is not such short notice; the legislation was passed on Aug. 27 and the deadline was announced at the same time. Four months’ notice […]

The Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that a married woman can use her maiden name without the addition of her husband’s last name in a victory for women. In a landmark verdict, the highest judiciary authority in the Turkish legal system put an end to a long-standing debate whether women should be allowed to use […]

The Public Procurement Authority has issued a communiqué and regulation outlining principles for determining the most economically advantageous tender where the lowest price is offered by more than one bidder. The communiqué amends Article 70 of the General Communiqué on Public Procurement (“Communiqué”), while the regulation amends Article 63 of the Regulation for Implementation of […]