Divorce Petition



1 . Select Your Divorce Type

Once you have selected your divorce package, print our PoA and have the local notary endorse it in your local language, and have the Notary get it apostiled. Send to our qualified team for completion of your relevant package.

2. Check and Verify Divorce Petition

You can download your divorce petition direct from your e-mail or online file, check for any discrepancies and sign where indicated.

3. TurkiisLegal.Net will petition the Court

Our in-house lawyers will submit relevant petition to the competent court on your behalf and depending upon whether you have contested or uncontested petition the court will set a hearing date which you will not need to attend generally.

4 . Notice of Service to Your ex Partner

Your ex partner will receive a court notice directly from the clerk of the court advising them of the date of the first hearing.

5. Application For Decree Nisi

For an uncontested divorce “Decree Nisi” stage is much quicker than most European Courts as little as 15 days. However for a contested divorce the process can take somewhat longer.

6. Decree Absolute

15 days after the formal decree nisi TurkishLegal.net will have your final divorce papers sent on to you to enable you to move on with your life.