Throughout the wide area of practices we offer, our firm also has a experienced team of litigators.

We are experienced in handling the complex jurisdictional, procedural, and substantive issues that may arise when our clients become involved in civil and commercial disputes, government investigations, or criminal proceedings. We regularly handle some large multijurisdictional disputes. Using coordinated teams of litigators from multiple sister offices. Our litigators are frequently considered to be among the leading practitioners in their respective jurisdictions
Breach of Contracts
Business Disputes
Business Torts
Complex Commercial Litigation
Construction Litigation
Deceptive Trade Practices
Labor and Employment Litigation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Real Estate Investments
Securities and Investments
Shareholder Disputes
With our qualified and experienced team we offer a wide range of dispute resolution services starting from amicable discussions and including representations before commercial, administrative courts as well as arbitration tribunals.

Recognition & Enforcement:

As part of serving multi nationals one of the areas our firm specialized in is Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Settlements. We handle every stage from translation to notarisation and getting specific approvals professionally for our clients and offer quick easy and low cost service for Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Settlements under the relevant conventions.